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Bally Technologies is known to create exciting slot games for its customers. The company has experimented with a variety of slot games to better the playing experience of their customers. Aussie Gold Slots is one of the exciting games manufactured by the company. This game is popular among the regular slot game players.

Features of Aussie Gold Slots Machine

The Aussie Gold slot game has 5 reels and 30 lines. The players can place a maximum bet of 600 credits while playing this game. However, the players are allowed to place bets on every line of the game. This game is free for all the players, and it gives the players an opportunity to cash in large amounts of bonus.

This pokie has a fascinating jackpot feature as well. The jackpot of the game is called the lanterns mystery progressive jackpot. During the jackpot, the players have the option to unlock large sums of money, and they can multiply their initial amount by 10 times. During the jackpot bonus, the players receive several free spins as well.

Bally Technologies is a leading name in the slot game, video game, and casino management industry. According to the Vice President of the company, Cath Burns, the company is the best gaming manufacturer in Australia. According to Burns, the company plans on introducing many games in the Australian market, as they think that the Australian market has a good potential for slot games. The company recently opened a game-development center in Sydney which is going to work on manufacturing slot games specifically for the Australian audience.

The company’s latest gaming center in Sydney

The gaming development office that the company has opened in Sydney recently is simply unique, and has the latest technological equipment. This center will work on the iDeck technology. The iDeck technology is a touchscreen technology which helps in enhancing the interactive feature of the games. With the help of this technology, the company is planning to develop games that will have better bonus features for the players and several customization options as well.

The company is planning on introducing a lot of slots / free online pokies in the Australian as well as the global market in the year 2013. The company will launch at least 12 games in the Las Vegas gaming industry. The company is planning on introducing the Quick Hit Las Vegas and the Quick Hit Dragon games on the 32 inch vertical touchscreen. The company is also planning on launching the Aussie Gold and the Precious Diamonds on the Pro Slant cabinet.

The Pro Slant cabinet will have armrest features and spectacular video display. These features will help in bettering the gaming experience of the players; the players will have the option of deciding their customized comfortable playing positions. Furthermore, with the help of the latest technology, the players will be able to experience better audio and visual features while engaging themselves in the game.

The company is also going to work on establishing systems that will appeal to all the senses of the players. So the company is going to work on manufacturing games that will help the players experience the game through their touch. This is the primary reason as to why the company is introducing touchscreen games in the market.

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