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Cash Wizard is a popular slot game designed by Bally Technologies and released in 2011. It has many interesting features and exciting bonuses that attract players to come back for more. Bally has continuously worked to produce many innovative games and slot machines and Cash wizard is one their most successful releases. The game is also one of the first to be featured on Bally’s new computer gaming platform called Alpha 2, which offers high-definition graphics and high-quality animation.

An overview of Cash Wizard slot machine

The wizard character in the Cash Wizard slot game is, perhaps, one of the most fun parts of the game. With his happy round face and typical wizard costume, he is designed to be loved by every player. He dances and flies around during games and interacts with players. He basically unleashes thrilling bonus events for players. Right from the start, Cash Wizard appears to be a very inviting game. It’s available on the ProSeries cabinet, which has a unique and interesting look. It has a curved front panel that allows you to comfortably view the display without any problem.

The slot’s five-reel screen displays lovely graphics with vibrant colors, which gives you the feeling of being in an enchanted forest. Cash Wizard is one of the first games to feature Bally’s “iDeck” that lets players interact with the game more freely. The iDeck is mainly a touchscreen LCD panel that forms a button pad. It doubles up as an extra display during bonus events and after wins. Players can spin the wheel using the touch feature called U-Spin. The Mystery Wheel image appears on the screen and you need to touch it and make a gesture to spin the wheel.

The Cash Wizard slot was designed to offer players a multitude of fun. While it is packed with several exciting features, it also provides players with a number of benefits and bonuses. Besides the five reel feature, it also has a 30-line video slot, mechanical wheel bonus, multiple free-spin, and many more. Players can bet a maximum of 250 credits at a time and the available coin denominations are a penny, 2cent, and nickel. In the jackpot, players can win up to 1,000,000 coins.

Bonuses galore on Cash Wizard slots

Cash Wizard is extremely popular because of the bonus events and features. You need to “buy” the Wizard character in the game to activate the bonus package. He flies around randomly and replaces the symbols on the wheel with wild symbols. The Invisible Ink feature keeps players guessing as they magically unlock mysterious bonus awards. It’s triggered by a symbol in the third reel and you can unlock awards ranging from 2 to 20 times the total credits bet.

The first, third, and fifth reels contain potion symbols that can trigger the Magic Potions feature. Some potions have curses, so this feature also has certain risks. If played correctly, this feature can unlock around 100 times the total credits bet. The main bonus is the Wizard Mystery Wheel which occurs randomly. Players can win awards ranging from 100 to 1,500 times the total credits bet, 5 to 20 free spins, or one progressive jackpot.

Bally Technologies and online slots

Bally Technologies was founded in 1932, making it the world’s oldest slot manufacturer. Over the years, it has made advancements in the world of gaming and technology. Bally is one of the leading manufacturers of casino management applications and it also developed the first reel-spinning slot machine that runs entirely on electric. It is the first gaming business to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Bally now has employees in different parts of the world including Latin America, India, South Africa, and Mexico.

The company has received many awards for it revolutionary slot games. It has even incorporated gesture-control technology in their recently released slot machines. Bally has introduced virtual versions of some of its slot games, which can be played on computers and android smartphones. Cash Wizard is also included along with several popular Bally slot games. The game is quickly gaining popularity among casino players and online players alike.

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