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Beat the Heat Slot Review
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Bally Technologies is renowned for putting a spin on classic slot games and offering an innovative gaming experience. The Beat the Heat slot is ample proof as the game is based on the classic slot game but offers exceptional bonus features. The V32 cabinet with a 32 inch video touch screen only adds to the attraction. Players will be thrilled with the most recent addition to Bally’s slot game portfolio and the Beat the Heat slot can be availed at any of the leading land-based casinos in the US.

With its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company has its pulse on the demands of players and the latest trends in the gaming industry. Ever since Bally Technology was established in 1968, the primary focus has been to provide a fun and secure gaming and gambling environment. At present, Bally Technologies is focusing on its foray into the online gambling industry by designing and developing spell-binding slot games.

Wager up to 400 Credits in Beat the Heat Slots Machine

As the game is based on the classic slot machine, there are only three reels. Players are offered over 25 paylines to place real money wagers. There is a large variety of coin denominations on offer ranging from 1 cent to 50 cents and $1 to $200. This allows players, both regular and high rollers to enjoy the game. With as little as one cent, beginners at slot machines can also have a go at it without risking too much.

The maximum number of credits that can be wagered is 400. Players have the opportunity to win the top award which is 100,000 casino credits multiplied by the coin denominations and line bet. The gaming console in signature Bally style is simple and easy-to-use. Players can, without too much trouble, increase or decrease their wager amounts and avail information about the game, symbols or the paytable.

Unique U-Spin Bonus Feature on the Beat the Heat Slots

The symbols in Beat the Heat slot resemble the ones in the original slot games such as Cherry, 7s in Red, Black and Grey, Golden Bell and Bars. The graphics are crisp and clean which does not distract from the basic premise of the game. The accompanying audio complements the graphics perfectly and enhances game play.

No slot is complete without bonus features and Bally has ensured that players get their money’s worth in Beat the Heat the slot. Most often than not, players do not get the chance to interact with the game during bonus features. However, the latest Bally slot offers players a unique experience. Apart from the free slot games offered, players also have the chance to play on the U-spin Bonus Wheel. During this round, the video screen on top depicts a wheel with different casino credits.

Players can spin the wheel by swiping the screen with their fingers. Depending on the position where the wheel stops, players can win from 600 credits to 3000 credits. This is one of the most revolutionary gaming concepts introduced by Bally Technology which allows players to literally take it upon themselves, to win a significant amount of money. The U-spin Bonus Wheel can be triggered an indefinite number of times which means that there is no limit to the amount of money that can be won by wagering real money on this game.

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