Enchanted Slot

Betsoft has a lot of slot games based on the themes of magic and wizards, and Enchanted is one of the popular games from that list. This slot game is based of the charming world of wizards, trolls, fairies, and elves.

This game has excellent graphical features along with various bonus rounds, so it is very popular among the slot game enthusiasts.

The Theme Used in Enchanted Slots

This slot game is based on a fairy tale theme, and the graphics of the game depict a colorful and magical land. This slot game starts with an animated sequence where the players are introduced to the main characters within the game. The primary background of this slot game is a forest, and the scattered symbols used within the game are related to the popular fairy tales.

Key Features in Betsoft's Enchanted Slot Game

The slot game consists of 5 reels and 30 paylines. The players are allowed to bet close to 5 coins on each of the paylines in the game. During the game, the players need to get at least 3 identical symbols to receive bonus points or to win a jackpot. But the characters of the game are the most rewarding features in it. All the characters in the game have their own bonus rewards, and every time they appear on the screen, the player receives certain points or credits.

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Enchanted Slot Game Bonus Features

Like most other theme based slot games offered by Betsoft, this slot game has multiple bonus rounds. Some of the prominent bonus features of the game are the Tonk's Tinkering Doors, the Crazy Hat's Crazy Reels, and the second screen bonus. The Tonk's Tinkering Doors bonus round is triggered when a player is successful in collecting three key symbols during one spin. This slot game consists of several locks that need to be repaired. When these locks appear on the screen, the player is given the option to choose and open any three of them. Each of these locks has specific rewards hidden in them, and depending on the locks that the player chooses to open, he or she receives bonus points or credits.

The Crazy Hat's Crazy Reel bonus is activated when the player hits two or more crazy hat symbols. Once this bonus round is activated, the hat symbols convert into wilds and the player receives extra points in their overall winnings. When the player is lucky enough to get three re-spins on any of the reels within the game, they get similar advantages as well. In addition to this, the players have an opportunity to launch the Ultimate Spell book Free Spins in this slot game. During this bonus round, the player receives multiple free slot games, and he or she can win a lot of rewards during these free spins.

The last bonus round in this slot game is the second screen bonus round. This round is initiated when the players find characters of Seera and Rufus in the game. The player needs to help the character of Seera save her bird. Seera's bird is stolen by Rufus' Ogre in the game, and if the player is successful in recovering Seera's bird, he or she wins approximately 100 bonus credits.

Overall Experience

The graphics of this game is its standout feature, as the developers have given a lot of importance to the detailing of characters and symbols within the game. In addition to this, the slot game has many exciting bonus rounds that can help the player win a large payout.