It Came From Venus Slots Review

It Came from Venus is a new slot from Betsoft, which features a giant Venus Flytrap that eats human beings. This Flytrap is said to have originated on Venus, and fell on earth through a mysterious asteroid.

The player assumes the role of a farmer who is trying to protect his pet from being taken away. It Came from Venus features a spectacular introduction and great animation. The soundtrack that accompanies the graphics is astounding as well.

How to play ‘It Came from Venus’ Slots Free

The slot machine features 30 paylines and 5 reels and a host of features and other offerings. The great thing about this slot is players can bet from as low as $0.01 right to a maximum of $.50 for each payline. You can even up your wager by betting extra credits. The game is set to play with a single credit at $0.05, so players should use the right buttons at the right time.

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Impressive scatter payouts

The scatter in this game usually pays out quite well. The basic amount that players can win is 450 credits on landing three scatters. Scatter is represented by a ‘Do Not Trespass’ sign on this slot. If you are fortunate enough to win four scatters, you will get 650 credits. Five of these symbols on the other hand will win you 1500 credits.

Random wilds

This slot is full of random wilds. These are quite different when compared to other games by Betsoft. The great parts about these random wilds are that they have multipliers, which can increase your winnings greatly. You can either get double, triple, five times or even ten times the amount you won originally.

Feed Me Free Spins

This is a bonus round that will only be made available to you if you have accumulated three sacks of feed. The sacks will pop up at random placed on your reels and once you hit each, they will bounce of the reel and land on the barrel. Once this happens, the sack will be eaten up by the Venus fly trap. Once the needed bags are collected by you, a brand new screen will show and the player will receive 11 spins for free!

Bonus Round : Save the Planet

This is a bonus round that gets triggered when you manage to collect three symbols that are helicopters. An entirely new screen appears and a clip is played out. This clip shows the Venus fly trap being swooped away by the military from the farmer. The military is then chased by the farmer, who consequently jumps onto the Rover. Here the farmer discovers five crates that are ‘Top Secret’. The concept behind this game is basically to pick the maximum empty boxers before your find the Venus fly trap.

The awesome part is every box has instant wins, which means you will get credits on selecting each. The number of credits that are won will be decided randomly and do not depend on any other factor. When the Venus fly trap is finally discovered, your game immediately comes to an end and whatever you have won in this bonus round will get added to your total account balance.

The generous payouts of this fun slot are further made enjoyable by the innovative bonus round and other features like the free spins. Players have the opportunity to experience some exciting game play while winning money.

This slot has a button known as double up, which is placed right under the Spin button. This button permits players to take part in a game that either wins them double the amount wagered or nothing at all. The button can only be operated once you have earned any win.

On clicking the button, a movie clip is played where a famer will participate in a catch game. The goal is to pick whether the fly trap will miss or catch the apple. In case the option you pick is right, you will automatically get double of your bet. Players then have the option to either play ones more of just take their winnings.

On the other hand, in case your guess in wrong, all your winnings will be forfeited and the bonus screen will also shut down.