Jack's T-Rex Slot

Jack’s T-Rex, a non-progressive 5-reel, 20-payline slot game from Sheriff-gaming, has the ultimate jackpot win offer of $17,500. A 93.20 payout percentage is yet another attractive feature to draw in the punters. Just wild and scatter symbols along with free spins are not everything that this real money game has to offer.

You can at anytime bet $100 maximum but the minimum can even be in pennies. The wonderful theme of this game creates an experience like watching a good animated movie. The three dimensional effects take you into a surreal world of magic with some of the symbols like a backpack, toy plane, warning signs, agents, and Jack.  

The Theme of Jack’s T-Rex

The best aspect in the theme of Jack's T-Rex is its story line. As you watch the story line, you will easily forget that you are playing a slot game. This is a slot game that involves a dinosaur as a pet, the little boy, and the FBI sleuths.

The slot machine has six buttons to control the play. Both spin and auto spin features are available along with “choose bet” button to select the denomination of your coin. When you “select lines” you can choose up to 20 paylines. “Line bet” button lets you bet up to 5 coins for each line that you may be willing to bet on, while “Bet Max” is the ultimate coin value.   

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Key Features of Jack’s T-Rex Slot

The Here are some real money features this slot has to offer. Non-progressive presentation of 20 pay lines and 5 reel lines. But this game promises a payout percentage of over 93. If you want to bet a maximum, it is $100 per spin. But it is little as between a hundredth of a dollar and a dollar per pay line.

The impressive bonuses and features within give you the opportunity to win a jackpot worth $17,500. The expanding wild reel feature is the T-rex symbol on the 3rd reel. This wild feature allows the symbols to expand and cover all reels. The “click me” bonus comes in the form of dinosaur eggs scattered all over the screen. Go on a clicking spree up until you can see the “collect” symbol that lets you collect all your bonus prizes.

There is another bonus if you can help Jack rescue a captured T-Rex from Area51. Enjoy your free spins with new reels set as you go along winning prizes with cascading wild spins. The dinosaur egg symbol is a bonus with huge pay out, which will help to win additional free spins along the way. The secret agent bonus can award you a minimum of three and a maximum of nine free spins.

Overall Experience

If you play Jack’s T-Rex once, you will definitely appreciate the game. Right from the outset, you enter into an enchanting world of magical sight, sound, 3D effects, and an intriguing storyline. All the while, you will continue to have a feeling of being on a mission, which is by no means an ordinary mission, but a monumental challenge of saving dinosaur. And what could be more wonderful than being on a virtual mission with money, prizes, and bonuses pouring in, making you feel rewarded for having successfully met the challenge.

There is at the moment no other game with a similar theme, storyline, the gushing adrenaline, fun, excitement, and the wealth of opportunities. So, if you are paying for the first time, be prepared to be excited.