Once Upon a Time Slots Review

Theme based slot games have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, and Betsoft has a wide range of such slot games. ‘Once Upon a Time’ is one of the popular theme based slot games produced by the company, and it is in the 3D slot format. In addition to this, the game has many exciting bonus features, so the players can win large payout while playing this game.

Medieval Theme in Once Upon a Time

This slot game is based on a medieval theme, and the graphics of the game match the theme very well. This game has attractive graphics with a lot of color in them. The game is based on a fantasy with symbols of dragons, and jewels. The sound effects in the game have also been customized to the theme, but they do not stand out in comparison to the visual design of the game.

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Key Features of Once Upon a Time Slot

Like many other Betsoft slot games, this game has 5 reels and 30 paylines. The players are allowed to bet between 1 to 5 coins on each of the lines of the game. The game consists of 8 standard symbols, a combination of which can earn the players close to 500 credits. In addition to this, if the players play for the maximum amount for the game, they can win approximately $2,500 in the payout.

Bonus Features Available

Apart from the regular jackpot feature, this game consists of many bonus rounds as well. The ‘Fire Starter’ feature, the ‘She Loved the Knight’ feature, and the ‘Those Crazy Goblins’ feature are the various bonus rounds in the game.

The Fire Starter feature is initiated when the dragon symbol appears on the top line of the third reel in the game. When the bonus rounds starts, the center reel becomes wild, and the players have an opportunity to win a large bonus amount. If the player is lucky enough to get the dragon treasure symbol along with the dragon symbol, he or she receives an addition spin.

The ‘She Loved the Knight’ bonus round is activated when the knight and the princess symbol appear next to each other on any of the 3 main paylines. When these symbols are positioned together, they kiss, and the player receives instant credits. The ‘Those Crazy Goblins’ bonus rounds is initiated when the player have three tree house symbols on any of the paylines of the game. During this bonus rounds, the players receive free spins, and if tree house symbols appear during the free spins, the player get additional free spins as well.

This game also has a ‘Click Me’ bonus, which is common in a lot of Betsoft games. This round is triggered when the players have three symbols of gold sacks on their screen. This bonus round is the most lucrative bonus round in the game.

In addition to this, the players have access to two more bonus rounds; they are ‘Goblin's Treasure’, and ‘Save the Princess’.

During the ‘Goblin's Treasure’ bonus rounds, the players need to follow the goblins on their screen, and they have to steal valuables to win credits.

In the Save the Princess bonus round, the players have to play the role of a knight and protect the princess from the dragon. During both these bonus rounds, the player can win up to 2000 credits.

This slot game is a treat for all the slot enthusiasts as it has multiple bonus features. As a matter of fact, this game probably has some of the largest bonus features among all the Betsoft 3D slot games. This game is only available for Windows or Mac slot players. Betsoft has yet to release a mobile version for this particular slot machinek, however we do expect one to become available in the near future.