The Curious Machine Slot Review

The Curious Machine slot capitalizes on the concept of time-traveling, which is fascinating to many. The ability to time-travel rids people of the limitations of the real-world, which gives birth to interesting ideas about the future and even the past. BetSoft has brought this whole concept to live with their slot known as Miles Bellhouse and the Curious Machine.

This is a slot that welcomes players to travel through time with Miles Bellhouse, who is a genius inventor. Bellhouse is accompanied by his robot Gizmo, who is powered with steam and is an extremely loyal companion.

As a player you will unite with Gizmo and Miles to evade the plotting of General Traytor. The journey is made even more exciting with various lavish prizes, offers and fun special features. So start playing right away and lets your adventures start.

How to play the Curious Machine slot

Although this slot has a lot to offer its players, the game-play is pretty easy to figure out. All you need to do is select your coin denomination from the left to right, bet per line, number of paylines and finally select the spin button.

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Special features on the Curious Machine slot game

The Curious Machine slot surpasses its contemporaries when it comes to special features. To begin with, the Vortex symbol represents wild and works to finish a winning combination or sets off a counter clockwise whirl engaging all the surrounding icons, which opens up brand new possibilities for players to win various amounts.

Second Chance, is a reel rewind option that randomly pops up and spins any one of the five reels to yield new wins. This feature works its magic pretty often, no matter how many lines you have selected or how many bets have been placed. Free spins are triggered by the dinosaur which also yields a random multiplier. The free spins play out on a special screen known as the reel screen that has a theme of the ancient times.

Scatter is represented by the picture of a mechanical room, which opens the fun time-travelling screen feature. In this second screen, players set off on their own time journey to evade General Traytor along with Miles Bellhouse and his assistant robot.

In order to help these two to escape in sufficient time, you can click on the travel button. Every time you manage to help the robot and Miles to escape successfully, you are awarded more than usual.

Lastly, the winning option gets activated when you press the double-up taster, which again opens a new screen. In this round, you need to guess which hand it is that the Gizmo is hiding the coin. If you guess correctly, your prize gets doubled.

The animations of this slot game are extremely vivid, entertaining and motivating people to play at the same time. Every spin is followed up by an appropriate reaction, which can be cheering in case you win or a bow head that is empathetically done in case you do not get a winning combination.

Over all, the great animations assist the slot in working more efficiently, right from fixing the time-machines to ensure the reels spins to cheering loudly and clapping wildly when your balance increases. In addition to all these features, every spin that is a winning one also shows off some awesome animations, which includes a buzzing futuristic town, a moving map, a genius at work, or even General Traytor who appears laughing in an evil manner.

The layout of this slot in general is scientific but does not distract the player. Common actions used and needed by players are extremely easy to access and can even be customized. This applies to the maxbet button as well.