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Battleships is a long time family favorite game, which would start out being played with pencil and paper before Milton Bradley (the same people who brought you Monopoly) produced a plastic board game in 1967. The original game features a grid where each player will place a number of battleships, the players taking turns to shoot the opposing players ships by naming grid co-ordinates. WMS have now taken the game format and converted it into a multiplayer slot, the second game to offer the ‘Team Compete to Win’ format. The game allows four players to compete – two for the red team and two for the blue team and features a huge LED screen above the four player terminals.

This is game which is rich in features, with bonus games that are played by both teams as well as theme based bonuses offered to just the successful teams. With a variety of staking options as well as the choice of three different win line set ups, this is a game that lets players play it their way – players will even choose from one of four themes at the start!

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How top Win at Battleship

The biggest wins at this Naval based slot certainly come with the numerous bonus features, the best of which are available to all of the players.

Bomber’s Run Bonus Round – This is a game which sees a plane for each team dropping missiles onto a ship below. The more ships that the bomber sinks, the higher the bonus amount, while the winning bomber will be awarded a second run, where many more credits can be won.

Victory Free Spins Bonus Round -  In this round you’ll see the wild feature activated which can be used to sink ships (you’ll quickly realize that this game involves a lot of sinking!). Players can double their win amount during this feature by sinking the most ships and win many additional credits.

Find and Conquer Bonus Round – This is a round which stays very true to the original Battleship game. Players start by placing their selection of ships onto the familiar grid by dragging the battleship shapes across to the 7x7 grid, although an auto place button allows this to be done automatically. Once both teams have finished their placement, the firing begins. Once again, there is a healthy reward for the winning team, as the win amount is multiplied by 5 – you’ll certainly not want to lose this one!

There are also individual bonus games offered for each of the four themes – ‘Periscope Pays’, ‘Commanding Officer’, ‘The Brigade’ and ‘Grand Armada’.

Of course, it’s not only the bonus games that offer wins, as you’ll also gain your standard wins in the base game. Although not quite as exciting (due to a distinct lack of sinking!), these can quickly add up and make your time at the reels very profitable.

How the Battleship Slot Works

This WMS designed game is a 5 reel video slot, each reel showing 3 symbols. You’ll have the choice of pay line configurations, with 20, 30 or 40 line set ups available. Usually a slot will pay out when landing consecutive symbols from left to right on one of the selected win lines, but here this will only apply to players on the blue team, as players on the red side will see their wins come from right to left. On the reels you’ll find a nice range of relevant symbols, including the battleship, an aircraft carrier, an anchor, a missile shooter and fighter jets.

Graphically the game is excellent. You’ll see some tremendous animations throughout, these bringing the game to life, especially during the bonus features. These animations manage to stay true to the original plastic game in parts, as the missiles shooting through the air are actually the plastic pegs found in the Milton Bradley game, which will certainly bring a smile to your face if you enjoyed that version when you were younger. With bombs and torpedoes causing explosions all around, there is rarely a dull moment at the slot and the atmosphere is added to by the resounding sound effects and the military style voice clips, which add an extra layer of realism to the game.

Overall Experience with the Battleship Slot

Calling this game a ‘slot’ certainly doesn’t do it any justice, as it’s much more than that. This is a slot game that offers amazing bonus rounds, head to head competitions and an almost cinematic experience at times. WMS have managed to not only take the original game and convert it to a slot, but they have shaken it up and offered so much more. Battleship is a must play when you visit the casino, but be prepared for the fact that you might be blown away!