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Most slot game producers tend to make theme-based slot games on movies, comics, or television shows, but Aristocrat has tried something different with 50 Lions. This is the first theme-based slot game by the company that is based on wildlife. It has a natural graphical layout accompanied with several bonus features.

Since this is the first slot game by the company on the theme of wildlife, the developers have concentrated a lot on its graphical design. The developers have used the colors black and orange extensively in the game, as they wanted to create a sunset image for the game. Along with the usage of color, the background of the game has silhouettes of various animals such as zebras, elephants, giraffes, and even trees.

Key Features of Aristocrat’s 50 Lions Slot Machine

This slot game has 5 reels and 50 paylines, and it gives the players an opportunity to cash in close to 2000 different winning combinations. The players can bet on each of the paylines in the game, and their betting range for each payline is between $0.01 and $4. But, the players can make an overall bet of close to $200.

Featured Bonus Rounds

Since 50 Lions online slot has close to 200 winning combinations, the players have a lot of opportunities to make money in this game. This game consists of several bonus icons, and it also has the free spins feature. In addition to this, since this game is the first game by the company that is based on the theme of wildlife, it has an alternate gambling feature. The slot game 50 Lions has a deck of cards in it, and the players are required to choose a particular suit of cards to get their wins doubled or quadrupled.

The symbol of the lion is a wild in the game, so when the players receive a lion symbol they get rewards. During a regular spin, this symbol appears once, but if the player has won free spins, this symbol might complete all the empty space on the reels. The flower icon is another bonus symbol in the game, and the players are awarded close to 10 free spins when they receive three or more of these symbols on their reels.

Apart from the lion and the flower, there are several other bonus features in the game, and these are triggered on the various stages of the game. But, only the lion and the flower symbols turn into wilds and reward the players with high-level multipliers.

Overall Experience

50 Lions is an innovative. Most of the theme-based slot games are based on popular public figures, event, or shows. But this game is based on the theme of the environment. The graphics of this game are very appealing, and the developers of this game have used colors to their advantages.

As far as the bonus features are concerned, this game has several winning combinations, so players should see an ample number of payouts on this slot. The additional gambling feature introduced in this slot game is very unique, and not many slot games offer this. The card feature rewards the players with multipliers, and it can have a significant impact on the overall winnings of the player. The maximum jackpot of this game is not very high in comparison to the other slot games offered by Aristocrat, but with the help of the multipliers, the players can earn good payouts while playing this game.

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