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Aristocrat, a leading gaming software developer, has unveiled its new slot game titled Outback Jack which is based on adventures in Australia. The slot, which has 5 reels and 30 paylines, has been released as a sequel to the popular version which went live a few years ago. Aristocrat has pulled out all the stops to ensure that players receive a fun and competitive gambling environment with this game.

Clear Graphics in Outback Jack Slot makes for Hassle-Free Play

Slot games are a favorite among casino players as they are based on luck and do not require complicated strategies and playing techniques. Aristocrat is highly reputed for providing superior graphics and features in all of its slot games. Pokies are most enjoyed when the graphics and the audio do not overshadow the premise of the game itself. It can be quite distracting if there is an overload of animations.

There is no such worry in the new Outback Jack slot as it provides clear and clean graphics in a simple and earthy color scheme that allow players to concentrate on their performance. The background of the game is a stone wall bordered by wooden logs which mirrors the theme of the vastness and remoteness of the Australian outback.

Attractive Symbols Pay Tribute to Australia

The outback is a colloquial term used to refer to the arid land that falls outside the major urban areas in Australia. Aristocrat Group, which is based and enjoys an enviable market position in Australia, has designed the game with symbols and features that reflect its commitment to its home country.

The symbols in the game include boomerangs, kangaroos, koalas, Jeep and Outback Jack. The regular symbols include high value cards such as Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. Keeping with the simple theme of the game, the symbols have also been represented with clean graphics and color schemes.

No slot game can be popular or complete without a scatter symbol as it allows players to enhance their luck of earning a significant amount of money. In the Outback Jack slot, the scatter symbol is the Map of Australia which can appear in a scattered manner on any of the reels.

Six Bonus Features Add Value to the New Aristocrat Slot

A bonus feature is another reason why slot games are popular with casino players across the world. The Outback Jack slot offers players an impressive number of bonus features namely Fishing Spot, Great Sandy Desert, Big Rock, Gold Mine, Nippy Surf, and Winding River. Bonus prizes, casino credits and free spins are awarded in these bonus features.

When more than three Map of Australia symbols appear on the reels, the bonus features are triggered. The graphics show Outback Jack riding in the jeep, after which a second screen shows the Australian map with six destinations. Each of them reveals a different bonus feature. The symbols including scatter symbols will change during the bonus rounds.

In the Fishing Spot bonus feature, Outback Jack embarks in a fishing trip where the symbols on the reels are replaced with that of different fishes. Players are offered seven free spins in the game. The interesting aspect of this bonus feature is that the new symbols include a swordfish which is a wild symbol. The wild symbol substitutes for the other symbols in order to form a combination qualifying for a win, following which the credits are added to the win total.

Players receive 15 free spins in the Great Sandy Desert Bonus where the wild symbol of the Boomerang becomes a 10x multiplier when it forms a combination qualifying for a win. The scattered symbol in this bonus feature is the Kangaroo. In the Big Rock feature, players can increase their credits when Outback Jack throws a boomerang. Based on the amount of time it takes for the boomerang to return, credits are earned.

One of the interesting bonus feature sin the slot game is the Gold Mine where players can make Jack dig for gems. Different gems will offer specific credits. Players can opt to continue after gem is uncovered or return to the normal game. The Nippy Surf bonus allows players to opt for a surfboard which Jack should ride to shore to complete the bonus round.

The trickiest bonus feature is the Winding River where players should choose stones on which Jack should step to cross the river. Each stone offers credits but players should be careful as the bonus round can get over if Jack slips, falls into the river and be eaten by a crocodile.

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