Lucky 88 Slot Machine

Lucky 88 Slot Review

Lucky 88 is a very interesting slot game that is based on the theme of China. This slot game is manufactured by Aristocrat, and the developers of the game have paid a lot of attention to its graphical designs. In addition to the appealing graphical design, the game also has numerous bonus rounds that help the players win a large payout.
This slot game is based on the common belief that the number 8 is lucky for people. This belief is popular in most of the Eastern countries, especially China. This is the primary reason as to why the developers of this game have designed its graphics in such a manner that they represent different aspects of China. The background of this slot game is filled with bright colors, and the symbols used on the reels represent Chinese culture as well.

Key Features of Lucky 888 Slots

This slot game has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The players have the option to place bets on the various paylines of the game. The players can bet between $0.01 to $4 on each payline within the game, while the overall betting range in the game is between $00.1 to $100. Unlike many other slot machine games, the developers of this slot game have also given the players an option to decide how many paylines they would like to play with.

Lucky 888 Pokie / Slot Machine Bonuses

The developers of this game have introduced a lot of exciting bonus features in it, so the players can win a large payout. This game consists of a wild symbol, which is very profitable to the players. This wild symbol is represented by a Chinese man. This symbol can replace any other symbol in the game, and when this symbol is used to replace any another symbol, the players receive a multiplier effect as well. A player can receive a maximum multiplier effect of 88x in this game, but this particular wild symbol can also yield multipliers as low as 2x.

Apart from the Chinese man symbol, the Chinese lantern is another bonus symbol in the game. This bonus symbol awards the players when it appears on the screen, irrespective of its position on the reels. If the player receives two of these symbols on the screen, he or she receives his or her stake back. If three of these symbols appear on the screen, the player’s winnings are doubled. Four of these symbol result in a 8x multiplier effect, and if the player is lucky enough to get five of these symbols, he or she receives the 88x multiplier effect.

The Chinese lantern symbols award the players with free spins, and they also give the players an option to decide on how many free games they receive. As a matter of fact, the players can choose to forgo the free spins and choose bonus wins instead. With the help of all these bonus features and bonus symbols, the players can win a cash jackpot worth $3,552.

Overall Experience

This game is a treat for all the players who enjoy playing slot games with high stakes, as the players can win close to $3,552 during the game. In addition to the money factor, this game has exciting graphical features, and the developers have used a lot of color in the game to make it pleasing to the eyes. The entire design of the game represents a magical Eastern world environment, and the bonus features of the game are designed to make you feel lucky!

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