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The Aristocrat Group is synonymous with path-breaking technology in the gaming industry. Although the company has only recently ventured into the online gaming market, it has already made a favorable reputation. One of the latest slot games released by Aristocrat is Wonder 4. This is one of the first of its kind which allows players to wager real money in four different games on a single screen.

The multi-pay and multi-play game has been met with widespread positive reviews as a significant amount of money can be earned through this slot. The four slot games included in Wonder 4 are Pompeii, Buffalo, Wild Splash and Fire Light. Each game will offer the bonus features and games included in it.

Experience a Unique Gambling Environment with Wonder 4

Often times, players will have more than one favorite slot they wish to play but have to forego one for another. Aristocrat hopes to solve such dilemmas by offering four incredible slots with exquisite bonuses on one screen to allow players to win more money and have more fun.

All four games offer five reels with vibrant graphics and animations. The symbols for each game are clean and clear as is expected of Aristocrat. The games do not distract the player from the basic premise by incorporating several complicated features into the screen. As such, the incorporation of four games on one screen does not seem crowded.

For instance, the Buffalo slot offers a color scheme of purple, orange and golden which is not only attractive but easy on the eye. All of the symbols in the game, be it from the Buffalo symbol, which offers a payout of 300 credits when five consecutive symbols are hit, to the wild and scatter symbols of the Sunset and Gold Coin respectively, the graphics are simple and breath-taking.

Avail Bonus Games and Special Features of all Four Slots

One of the main reasons casino players prefer slots is that they are based on luck and not on playing techniques and complicated strategies. Another reason is that they can avail bonus games and features such as free spins which will allow them to earn more credits within a shot period of time.

In the Wonder 4 slot, players can claim all the bonus games and features of all the four slot games. For instance, in the Pompeii slot, players can win up to 20 free spins. The Buffalo slot also offers 20 free spins when five Gold Coin scatter symbols appear on the reels. Some of the free spins features in the slot games can be re-triggered.

In addition to all the free spins of the four individual slot games, there is also the Free Spins bonus feature of the Wonder 4 slot where players get to choose between opting for free spins on all four or one particular game. This is one of the most innovative slot game features in the real money gambling industry today.

How to Play the Wonder 4 Slot

Players may wonder how to play a game that includes four slots at the same time. Aristocrat has always been known for its simple yet genius gaming solutions. All players have to do to wager real money on the slot is to use the pointer to drag the game they wish to play from the menu on-screen to the playing arena.

Players will be treated to a vibrant gambling environment as the stunning widescreen monitor VIRIDIAN designed by Aristocrat is fully taken advantage of by Wonder 4. If the screen was smaller, it would adversely affect the game making it too crowded and giving the impression of being highly complicated.

The minimum real money coin denomination required to wager on the Wonder 4 slot is 0.01 and the maximum wager varies according to the game. Players can hit any one of the four jackpots that ranges from more than 1500 to 25,000 credits. The frequency with which players hit the jackpot or consecutive symbols will also depend on the slot game selected.

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