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If you enjoy playing theme based slot games, then Zorro slot game by Aristocrat is a good option for you. This slot game is based on the popular movie that starred Antonio Banderas. The graphics of this slot game have been customized to match the lively appeal of the movie, and the developers at Aristocrat have introduced exciting bonus rounds in it as well.

In the past few years, many slot game manufacturers have launched slot games based on popular movies. The Zorro slot game by Aristocrat falls under this category as well. The developers of this slot game have used minute details to design its graphics. The background of this game is black, and it has slashes representing a Z, the trademark of Zorro.

The symbols and icon present in the game also symbolize the hero. Some of the icons used in the game are golden coins and barrels. Some of the characters from the movie have also been incorporated within the game, for instance, Tornado, Juliana, and Monstario.

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Key Features of Aristocrat’s Zorro Slot Machine

The Zorro slot game has 25 paylines and 5 reels, and the players are allowed to make bets ranging between $0.01 and $175 throughout the game. This game has one of the highest betting ranges on the Aristocrat network, and it also has equally good bonus features. So the players can win a maximum jackpot of approximately $25,000 while playing this game.

Zorro Pokie Bonus Rounds

The Zorro pokie has exciting bonus features, and the players can win a bonus while playing this game with the help of the ante bet. In order to initiate the bonus game, the players need to get icons of Z, O, R, R, and O on their screen. These icons need to appear in the same order, and they need to be aligned on the reels of the game.

There are approximately five bonus games, which a player can win, while playing this slot game. These games include wild Z, magic door, Tornado, choose a barrel, and match a prize. Two of these bonus games reward the players with free spins. If the player wins the bonus game, ‘choose a barrel’, he or she wins 20 free spins. The player also wins free spins during the wild Z round, and these free spins include 3 wilds as well. 

Each of the bonus games awards the players with credits or multipliers, but when the players play the Tornado bonus game, they receive instant bonus points. Even ‘match a prize’ is slightly different from the rest of the bonus game, as the players need to choose multiple symbols while playing this bonus game.

Overall Experience

The Zorro online pokie by Aristocrat is a perfect theme-based slot game. This game has high-quality graphics, and all the players who have watched the movie Zorro will be able to relate the various symbols in the game to the movie. In addition to the excellent graphical design, this game has good bonus features as well. Since this game has a high betting range, the players can win a large payout with the help of the bonus rewards, at the end of the game. The game consists of five bonus rounds or bonus games, and each of these rounds is activated at different stages of the game, keeping the players involved throughout the gameplay.

Interesting Facts About Zorro: Films and TV Series

The critically and commercially acclaimed film ‘The Mask of Zorro’, in 1998 starred Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas. The film follows the heroic story of Don Diego de la Vega, who was the original Zorro (played by Anthony Hopkins), and he is also the one who trains Banderas’s character Alejandro Murrieta to succeed him as the legendary Zorro. Zorro is a masked outlaw who fights for the people, while also seeking to avenge his death of his brother. The cast of the film practiced swordfights for months before filming, which resulted in beautiful shots of the fight sequences in the action film. The fight sequence between Banderas and Zeta-Jones’s characters was also nominated for the ‘Best Fight’ title at the MTV Movie Awards.

The Character of ‘El Zorro’ or ‘The Fox’ has been the subject of many reproductions. Disney created a TV series about the masked hero in the 1950s, and another TV series was produced around the character in the 1990s. After the success of the 1998 film, a sequel was filmed in 2005 called ‘The Legend of Zorro’, which received mixed reviews. However, the story line was always set in Spanish California and depicted the heroic acts of Zorro, a horse-riding, extremely skilled swordsman, who always wore black and was a savior of the masses. The theme of Zorro lends itself well to many adaptations, including slot games. The slot game developed by Aristocrat, Zorro, has beautifully captured the essence of the character, and will certainly entertain movie fans and slot fans alike.

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