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Aristocrat is one of the casino game developers offering slot machines and games based on exciting themes that almost everyone is sure to enjoy. One such is Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple, a 3D slot game offered through the developer’s award-winning Verve slot machines. The feature-rich slot game is equipped with amazing 3D graphics and panoramic surround sound, and has a new and interesting story line. The slots game offers 243 ways of winning, and has an amazing wild feature, along with 8 high-frequency bonuses to make you happy.

Go Wild with the Popular Jungle Theme

Jungle themes are not new to slots fanatics. The Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple is a sequel to the popular jungle themed slots called Tarzan, King of the Jungle, which was also developed by Aristocrat. However, the Tarzan and Jane slot is an improvised version of the earlier one, and has many more features than the original version.

To begin with, the new Tarzan & Jane slots have two sets of reels, one each for the two characters – Tarzan and Jane. Players can trigger both the reels by wagering a minimum of 50c. This means, you have access to all the 243 paylines with every spin, which in turn means higher chances of winning.

The green colored jungle theme, swinging Tarzan and that classic Tarzan yell in the slot game are taken from the original theme. But to make the plot more interesting, Aristocrat has added Jane, a new storyline, and loads of other prizes.

Features of Tarzan and Jane Pokies

Along with Tarzan and Jane, a few other popular characters from the story are also featured in this slots game. Among them is the Gorilla, the lion, the chimpanzee, the elephant and the usual symbols like K, Q, A, J, 10 and 9. Only this time, each of the letters is accompanied with a parrot, frog or a flower.

The game has both the wild and the scatter symbols, and gives the player a chance to win 8 different bonuses. Maximum bet in this game is 50c and you can choose the Wild Play option of the game to bet 50 more credits. The game also has a Wheel Bonus feature, special game feature, and the new ape battles and elephant crush features. The highest amount you can win through this game is a $100,000, which makes it a must try.

Wild Symbol

Tarzan, the king of the jungle is the wild symbol in this amazing 3D game. On getting three symbols of Tarzan in a row, the wind bonus feature is triggered and Tarzan comes swinging to offer the additional bonus. In addition to the Wild Tarzan bonus, the slot has 7 other bonus features that offer fantastic rewards.

Bonus Rounds on Tarzan and Jane Slots

One of the bonus features in this exciting game is the Elephant Crush. This feature increases your chance of winning by many times, as it connects to the Tarzan and Jane reels. When this feature is triggered, Tarzan appears on the screen, riding on an angry elephant that smashes the reels to form winning combinations. This feature, when triggered, gives you 7776 ways to win.

Ape Battles is another bonus feature that gives you 4608 ways to win. When this feature is triggered, three apes appear on the screen along with Tarzan. Tarzan and the apes battle it out on the reels to offer you the special bonus.

Then there is the Random Wheel Bonus, which is triggered when the “wheel bonus” symbol appears three times anywhere on the screen. In this feature, the player gets to bet 50 extra credits for a chance to win more of the other bonuses including Tarzan Wild Bonus, Ape Battles, and Elephant Crush and also play 5 free games. When this bonus is triggered, Tarzan appears yet again on the screen giving out his classic yell and swings to the wheel behind the reels and spins it, to determine what you would win.

Have Fun And Maybe Win Some Money

The Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple game is one for all kinds of slots players – those who simply want to have fun and those who want to make money. The highest prize offered by this slot game is $100,000 and only last year, the slot gave away over $3 million to winners in the US alone. Without doubt, this slots game is going to be as successful as its predecessor, and may even exceed it in terms of the winnings it generates. The slot machine is featured in most of the top casinos in Vegas, and if you ever come across it, be sure to go wild.

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