The Slotfather Slots Review

With The Slotfather, BetSoft makes you an offer you can’t refuse. This fun slot game is based on the timeless classic Godfather series. Dive deep into the world of mobsters and organized crime with this 5 reel, 30-payline slot game. With funny dialogues, unique characters, and the wonderful quality of gameplay that we’ve come to expect from BetSoft, The Slotfather is a great game. If you play well, you might just get a chance to see the Slotfather himself!

You stand a chance to win a jackpot of up to $5000. With the freedom to wager anywhere between 2 cents and $150 for each spin, Slotfather and his goons could just help you make a fortune. Whether you’re playing for real money or for fun, you be sure that the mafia theme based world of the Slotfather will whisk you away to the days of the Vegas Mob. 

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The Slotfather Slot Machine Bonus & Features

To begin the game, you need to select the value of the wager you want to bet on. This can be 5.00, 1.00, 0.50, 0.25, 0.10, or 0.05 in chips. You must then choose how many wagers you want to play per payline, and which paylines you would like to wager on. The Slotfather has 30 paylines to choose from. You can select 5 chips per payline that you wager on. After you’ve chosen your final wager, click on the Spin button and the game begins.

If you want to bet on the maximum number of chips, which is 100, there is a Bet Max button that starts the game automatically when clicked. The game has several interesting features such as the Sneeky Instant Win and the Multiplier Bonus Feature.

Sneeky Instant Win: If you see the Sneeky Gangster symbol on the left of the briefcase and on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd paylines, the Sneeky Instant Win feature will be activated. That Sneeky Gangster will grab some cash from the briefcase and add it to your pool.

Mob Bonus Feature: If you happen to see an Old Gangster Symbol beside the Tommygun, the Multiplier Mob Feature will be activated. This means the gangster will take the Tommygun and spray bullets across the screen. If you choose one of those bullet holes, you could win a multiplier and a free spin. If you’re lucky enough to make this happen on multiple selected paylines, the number of free spins is multiplied by the number of paylines it occurred on. During your free spins, all winnings are multiplied by the amount indicated on the multiplier.

Underboss Scatter: If you receive three or more Underboss symbols on an active payline, you get bonus credits instantly. Three icons gets you 500 credits, four icons gets you 2500 credits, and five icons gets you a whopping 5000 credits!

Bonus Round: If you get three or more icons showing the Slotfather himself on an active payline, you will get the Slotfather Bonus Round. You will be taken into the city and you can decide where to place one of the Slotfather slot machines. You get to choose any three of the six locations, and for each machine you place, you get credit bonuses instantly. Once all the machines are placed, you’ll get to meet the Slotfather face to face and he will personally award you with your bonus credit.

Betsoft 3D Slot Machines

Known for putting out some of the high-quality online games, BetSoft brings you another hit with The Slotfather. With the perfect tools to give the world cinematic 3D games, slots from Betsoft are some of the popular games available online.

With an unbeatable collection of over 150 games of diverse genres, they never fail to astound and entertain game-lovers over the world. Slot games have always been something of a specialty with BetSoft, and their game series, Slot3, is one of their popular ones so far. With The Slotfather, BetSoft proves why they have the reputation of creating truly unique worlds and characters for you to enjoy. Take a chance and play the game. The Slotfather is sure to bring you an online slots experience like never before!

The Slotfather Game is Themed Around the Vegas Mob

Back in the 1940’s, when Nevada first legalized gambling, a lot of mobsters and family-run mafias took advantage of the situation. The casino industry took off and has been popular in Las Vegas ever since. Old mafia families that used to work out of Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Cleveland, and New York showed interest in the new casinos in Las Vegas. These mobs then used illegitimate loans to control and build casinos of their own, turning Las Vegas into the casino strip it is today.

Hired men were set up to skim cash that came through the casino and hand it over to their boss. It’s estimated that the amount of skimmed cash goes well into hundreds of millions. Working from the shadows and using legitimate businesses as fronts, the Vegas Mafia faced almost no opposition from Nevada law enforcement. At the time, law-keepers had no way of tracking or curbing organized crime; most of the times, they didn’t even know that it was going on! Many of the cops who did know took bribes from the mafia, and any witnesses were intimidated into silence. Thus the reign of the Vegas Mafia went untethered for years.

In 1951, when the United States Senate declared the presence of criminal organizations in the country, action was taken against suspected mafias. The government began to crack down hard and in 1957, the New York Police busted a meeting between major figures of the crime business. After that, the FBI took charge of investigating organized crime. The final blow came in the form of Mafia member, Joe Valachi, who revealed inner secrets to the authorities in 1963. With the FBI hot on their trail, the mob could no longer operate as it once did.

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