String of Pearls Slots Machine

String of Pearls Review

Bally Technologies is the oldest slot machine manufacturers in the world. It is involved in the design, manufacture, and operation of gaming devices. It is also a market leader in providing safe and secure technologies for casino management, player tracking, and accounting. The company's latest offering is a revolutionary video slot machine called String of Pearls.

The machine is based on Bally's Alpha 2 Pro Curve Series of slot machines. It is an ultramodern and sleek machine with a number of innovative features that have since become industry standards.

Inside the machine is a powerful and high performance processor which gives accelerated graphics. The machine comes with a program deck called the iDeck that can be manually programmed. The String of Pearls video slot machine is quickly becoming a hot favorite with slot players.

String of Pearls Slot Curved LCD display

The String of Pearls comes with a 22 inch, curved LCD display. It has all the gaming features of a traditional slot machine but it is, in fact, a video.

The String of Pearls slot machine is a dual screen, ocean-themed, stand alone progressive slot machine. The reels have symbols such as seahorses, fish, sea shells, sand dollars, 10, jack, queen, king, and ace.

Slot Machine Features

With five reels and 30 lines, your chances of winning on every spin drastically increase. This is the reason why so many people play multi-line slot machines. On a single line slot machine, you will either win or lose. Moreover, there is very little chance that you will break even.

Instead of a fixed jackpot, the machine will take a percentage of the coins played and add it to the prize for the highest combination. A meter on the screen shows the top prize that can be won.

With a top award of 3000 times the line bet, think of how much money you can win on this slot machine. You can make bets in denominations of 1ยข to $100. The minimum bet per line is 1 cent. So you will have to bet a minimum of 40 cents per game (10 cents more for playing the bonus). There are predetermined patterns (three or more similar symbols) that will get you a win.

The machine has an overall hit frequency of 33.76%. The hit frequency is the rate at which credits will be returned to the user. With this machine, winning combinations will show up on an average of every 3 spins. This makes the String of Pearls one of the popular slot machines.

String of Pearls Slot Machine Bonus Rounds

The slot machine has two bonus features, the Free Games Bonus and the Mystery Stack Feature. The Free Games bonus gets triggered when a player hits the three pearl symbols. When this happens, players will be awarded three times the total credits they have bet.

Players must choose a single oyster from three oysters to win the free games (associated with bet multipliers). Each oyster contains one pearl. Get a white pearl and you will get one free game with no multiplier. When an oyster reveals a pink pearl, you will receive three free games with three times the multiplier. Get a black pearl and you will receive five free games with five times the multiplier. Players get to make five selections in all.

In the Mystery Stack feature, two or three symbols can stack on a single reel. The symbols don't include the pearls. Since this feature can appear on many reels at once, the chance of winning increases.

It is also possible that when you are playing a game, you may win a minor/major jackpot. This is in addition to the jackpot game. The major jackpot begins at $200 and will pay out before or at $500. The minor jackpot begins at $20 and will pay out before or at $50.

The String of Pearls slot machine is a highly innovative platform with great graphics and unmatched features in game play.

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