Rock Around The Clock Slots Machine

Rock Around The Clock Slot Review

Konami, the world-renowned game manufacturer, has come up with an all-new version of its famous ‘Rock Around the Clock’ slots machine to entertain fans and gamers alike. The game uses the full proficiency of the developer’s Advantage Revolution breakfront, featuring a reel mechanism which revolves with a three-part system to substitute between bonuses, video reels, and spinning reels. The three-reel game can be played with a minimum denomination of $0.01 and a maximum of $500. Played on the KP3 platform, the top prize of this game is the progressive jackpot which is reset once it reaches $1000. With 11.37 per cent theoretical hold and approximately 50 per cent hit frequency, Rock Around the Clock is a great game for any player.    

Rock Around the Clock Key Features

The game features three clock bonuses and getting one of them on your reels triggers one among the six progressive jackpot levels. The minimum bet you can place on the three-reel stepper is 50 credits. The setup of the game is “27 Ways,” meaning that there are 27 potential winning combinations that can materialize on a spin. Left to right is the order of the day when it comes to payouts on wins. When the game is being played, the clocks present in the bonus increase once ten spins are made. As soon as one of these clocks strikes 12, the bonus corresponding to it is triggered. On the other hand, reel combinations also have the potential to automatically facilitate each clock towards 12 in order to activate the bonus.

The blue-colored clock in the game can be triggered for players to be awarded with 7 free spins. The “nudge” feature present in the game can offer players with an increased chance of winning big. When the free spin bonus is being played, the incidence of getting seven mixed color combinations are increased due to the nudge feature which results in piled 7s. The activation combinations for the free spin bonus and the other bonuses may be retriggered with this feature as well. The Lucky Records bonus is activated when the clock colored purple strikes 12. The Rockin’ Jackpot can be triggered by the red clock, allowing players to have a shot at some really interesting prizes.

Rock Around the Clock Theme

Bill Haley and His Comets’ legendary track from the 1950s is the theme around which Konami’s version of ‘Rock Around the Clock’ functions. In comparison with the previous version of the game, the bonus feature is tripled to give players an increased chance of winning prize money. The song plays in the background while clock characters move and groove to the music in a system which is triggered by the clock present on your screen’s bonus display striking 12. The upbeat music and interesting characters onscreen make it a very fun and entertaining game for all kinds of players.

Overall Experience

Available for play on Advantage Revolution and Advantage 5 cabinets, the four-level progressives and stand-alone game themed around the fifties along with attractive bonus rounds can literally keep players rocking around the clock. The volume is turned up as the band and Bonus Betty entertain you for longer and better than before. The two swinging tracks offered in the game – Party All Night and Rock All Day are available on Advantage 5 while Advantage Revolution’s Shakes n’ Spins and Rhythm n’ Riches are bound to get players off their seats and on their feet. Filled with colorful characters and clocks, Rock Around the Clock is one of the most engaging and entertaining slots games that players can get addicted to in no time. The overall gaming experience attained from Konami’s latest blockbuster is second to none, offering loads of fun to anyone who has a go at the slot machine.          

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